1. In terms of Philosophy, The Ritz Carlton draws it’s the overall Marriott family in the form of a set of Gold Standards that are the foundation of the company. These values encompass not only the company’s philosophy but also its values. These are the credo, the motto, three step service, service values, the 6th diamond and the employee promise. The Credo states that it is the Ritz Carlton’s mission to ensure that the genuine comfort and care for the customer is the company’s biggest mission. The Ritz Carlton uses this instead of an official mission statement. The company’s motto reiterates this by stating “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.” When it comes to the three steps of service, the company insists on warm and sincere greetings, using the guest’s name and giving fond farewells. The service values are a set of 12 statements that ensure that all employees put the customer first. The 6th diamond pertains to emotional engagement, mystique and functionality on the part of the employees. Finally, there is the employee promise. This is a declaration by the company that the employee will always be the most important resource in the company’s service to its guests.
    This hotel chain has established itself as an industry leader for decades. Its Philadelphia location for instance is a century old historical landmark. This location is a monocle of the overall Ritz Carlton brand. Its location, architecture, lobby design, the residences and children’s facilities are just some of the strengths that have made it a success. It is important to note however that the Ritz Carlton organizational structure is quite different from that of the Marriott family (Marriott, & Brown, 1997). The Marriott shifted its structure and strategy several years ago following an internal review that showed a lack of solid structural control within the company especially when it came to operations and sales. This was an indication of an ineffective and inconsistent strategy when it came to the generation of revenues (Pollitt, 2008).
    According to Schaefer, (2015), the Ritz Carlton on the other hand has a unique structure and service strategy. These fall under the aforementioned “Ritz Carlton Mystique.” It is employed at the structural and operational levels with the aim of retaining customer and increasing market share. The strategy at the Ritz includes significant oversight but also more latitude in decision making within the ranks. This allows the company to be open to innovation while still respecting a hierarchy.


From the dawn of the age of man two things have been for certain. One, is that man will always surpass himself… And two is that only those on earth that learn will live. History proves both of these. One man invests the lightbulb and the next knows to use it to signal ideas in a cartoon. Another invests pants and the other decides to have them be worn way below the waist. Agreeably not the best examples but the point is so long as people remain innovative, they lay the bricks for future innovation. On the matter of learning, history also speaks. All the organisms on earth that still exist today do so because they picked up on something in the past. They learned from their predecessors, their parents, their enemies and most importantly, they leant from nature. Now I’m not saying I’m better than most people. (not out loud anyway) but I try to learn from everyone and everything I experience. Living to learn is the only way I’ve realised that someone out there put up a ceiling and it is my role to break though it. Living to learn is how I learnt to live 

It’s a short one, I know


Terminally Unhinged. 


I travel by bus alot and when I’m not asleep, which is seldom if I might add, I find myself listening for the pneumatic “pss” sound that the bus makes. Anyone that has ever driven a bus will tell you that most drivers will put their bus on park at most stops. This not only saves the driver’s knees but on most new buses it will engage the clean stop systems. I digress. So anyway,  I find this sound soothing.

Now, another thing that a bus driver or car lover will tell you that air brakes simply work by ensuring that there is enough air in the air reservoirs at all times to bring the car to a complete stop if needed. However when all is said and done, when the bus comes to a stop and the engine is turned of, the final “pss” signals the release of the air and to some of us, it’s a call to get up.

Ok enough about the brakes. I like to think that like these brakes, pressure keeps people at their best. I find it perturbing when someone says that they cannot work under pressure. I for one find that pressure gives me foresight, priorities and most of all motivation. Pressure can be good is my point. Pressure guests me up earlier than anything else in the morning, I forget to eat when under pressure and times flies by with the only indicator being what pressure has had me achieve. The shortest of my days haven’t been those when I was having fun but those when I was under pressure. One can however not live their entire lives under the gun. Like the airbakes, it comes a time when we need to let the pressure out.

Shopping, eating, Sports (read PlayStation), marijuana and travelling are some of the ways people I know let pressure out. I don’t judge. I can’t judge because I for one do not underestimate the power of letting loose. For all the people however I have noticed a common denominator over the years. Wait, did I mention the marijuana? Simply put, I noticed that those that worked hardest would often be the ones who let loose in extreme ways. This made sense. Work hard, play hard.

As one grown older however, their workload and pressure don’t always decrease do they? But as people grow older, even the hardest of workers will often “play less hard?” “play softer?” “milder?” I don’t know,  but you get my point. So what happens to all the pressure they’d build up when they only let a little loose? The girl that worked 80 hours a week at 26 then danced Friday night away at 30 works the same number of hours but has a half a glass of wine on Friday and spends the weekend getting ahead on next week’s work. The guy that spent 250 days on the road every year for work used to black out on Friday and wake up on suday but now wakes up at 6am on Saturday to go coach his kids soccer team while work the same job.

I’m not saying smoke weed. I’m not saying don’t smoke weed. I’m not talking about weed. I don’t know why I’m saying weed so much. But as good as it feels to pile accomplishments on top of each other remember that the body and mind can only take so much and if you want to be in this for the long-run, take care of yourself. Free yourself from the pressure, the feelings, the emotions and most of all, from stress. Unhinge yourself


Terminally Unhinged.

Hind Sight

So I recently came across one of my memoirs . September 4th 2009 it was dated. To be honest that day means very little to me today. But say 5 years ago,  it meant the world. The tentative nature of the mind never ceases to amaze.
Everyday we set importance to people, objects, events. This “Importance” is however short lived as time and said tentative nature will have us value something else as much, if not more, soon after.
So going through my memoir, I briefly revisited the magnitude and the relevance with which I viewd the event. The melancholy was short lived as I realized that neither time nor the mind values the past and it’s memory.
Needles to say, I no longer keep a memoir. The best we can ever hope for is that tomorrow is brighter than today, that we always have more to look foward to than to look back at

Terminally Unhinged!

My Cuban Adventures

Trapped on a rock floating in space

Monday, February 27, 2006

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Cameron’s Cuban Adventures – Part 1

Current mood: contemplative

Entering the Frank Pais Airport in Holguin, I felt calm, collected, and confident. Despite traveling alone, everything would run smoothly for me. I witnessed how quickly my fellow passengers were processed and let into Cuba. I figured it was because we were all Canadians, and Canadians are ever so popular in Cuba. However, my experience was to prove an exception to my own rules.

I came up to the Plexiglas Customs window and gave the young women my passport, boarding pass, and hotel information – as required. After looking over my passport, she asked me what I did for a living. I found that a bit odd. Regardless, I complied. I told her I was a biologist. She seemed a bit confused – or maybe “concerned” is a better word. I immediately thought it was because…

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Live Life

I am hardly the smartest person out there.  In fact, I can be credited with superficial quasi-knowledge on any other topic at best … I however belive in venturing into the unknown. I am not known for saying no to a night out on a Monday nor to touching the elastic fence to see if it really works or to anything for that matter.
Life is what you make of it. In my experience, the happiest people are those with vast experience. Seeing the world and all its treasures opens up one to anything: to wonders and to possibilities.
To those living within the confines of status quo I say again, life is what you make of it. Run of the mill is never  good enough and living is more than drawing breath. Live life, proceed, progress and make sure you have a story for every occasion.

Yogurt Parfait Popsicles

I know you know about yogurt parfaits. It’s that healthy breakfast/dessert that consists of layers of fruits, yogurt, granola, and a drizzle of honey. So take all that healthy yumminess and put it into a popsicle mold… the result is something sort of epic.

Yogurt Parfait Popsicles by Le Zoe Musings 3

My kids are some serious sweet tooth people. Feeding them these popsicles makes me feel like I’m satisfying their sweet tooth and my mission as a mom- getting your kids to eat well.

Yogurt Parfait Popsicles by Le Zoe Musings 2

Yogurt Parfait Popsicles by Le Zoe Musings

Simply layer the popsicle molds with your fruits of choice, vanilla yogurt (I use dannon oikos greek yogurt), granola, and a drizzle of honey. Although the honey will help the granola adhere and freezes; it’s a bit sticky and makes it challenging to remove the popsicles from the molds. Running the molds under warm water and a bit of wiggling will do the trick!

Yogurt Parfait Popsicles by Le Zoe Musings 5

Yogurt Parfait Popsicles by Le Zoe Musings 4

Popsicles for breakfast anyone?! Hope you’ll give this a…

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Survival for the fittest?

A person was once able to deduce that every decision made by man is made for the sole purpose of longevity, survival, thriving.
There is however debate on whether or not we have within us, from birth, the ability to know what is right for us. Take for example man’s decision to cultivate, domesticate….. For the purpose of survival. Crude, but noble. What about the decision to love? Giving a person a metaphorical self destruct button to your heart, mind and soul. Giving them the power to decide wither you will smile, cry or even die. Bestowing trust after it has been betrayed not once or twice but all though ones life.
Those that believe in creation will purport that free will was given to us so we could discover the limits of life, humanity. Others will claim that all aspects of our lives have been mapped out, and that we are but vessels in the great monopoly board that is life.
Neither of these people however explain man’s refusal to survive as a whole. Not living in part within another, not living vicariously through another. Loving in understanding of who, what and how they are.
A person was once able to deduce that every decision made by man is made for the sole purpose of longevity, survival, for thriving. Every decision ofcourse except the decision to LOVE!

Terminally Unhinged!